Friday, September 01, 2006

I love rainy days...

...and I love long weekends...and I love taking off I'm feeling pretty good right about now. AND I'm not feeling nearly as sorry for myself today. :) I'm still doubtful about the cycle, but we'll just wait to see how things look on Sunday.

I've given up on my anti-inflammatory diet for this cycle -- too many of my fav comfort foods were on my no-no list. But I'm still taking my supplements (now ramped up to 3g of fish oil) and my acupuncturist just gave a jacked up dose of herbs.

So this weekend I'm going to refocus my energies on finishing up our bar in the basement. I actually just picked out the granite this AM - fun! And then next week I'm going to try to dive into my new job. Let's see if distract myself with some everyday life activities.

September will be filled with other distractions as well. My birthday (34th I think?). Our anniversary (3rd). Trip to St. Michael's with friends. Settle on townhouse. Dog sit for a friend. The official start of my fav season.


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Southern Comfortable said...

I'm totally with you on the rain (provided I don't have to go outside!), long weekends, and fall being the best season of the year! Looks like we'll be getting a ton of rain this weekend, so you should be really happy.

When is your birthday?