Friday, September 29, 2006


So today is the day. It feels a bit anticlimatic. Normally I'm pretty upset when I go into the RE for the beta, knowing what the outcome will be and holding back tears until I can get back to my car. But I was completely fine and even joked around with the nurses this morning.

I'll probably get the call when we're on the road. Not sure if I really need to ask anything - normally I'd ask about scheduling the next cycle, what went wrong, etc. So maybe instead I'll let them leave a simple voicemail. Negative.

And not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but we did decide to skip the other FET down here even though it might take some time to start cycling up in NYC. We'd rather just save the money for a cycle that is more likely to work. So our three little frosties will sit in the tank until we figure out what we want to do with them.

And I guess I need to figure out some logistics. Will I need someone down here for some monitoring? Would my RE do it? I'm pretty sure he'd be pissed if I went somewhere else locally, but what if I'm going out of town. Would he be OK with that? I really hope they will do it because I really like the whole staff and will miss going there. :(

I was going to say something like "it's my alma mater so I just HAVE to go there". Think he'd buy that? Speaking of which, I wonder if TopNYCDoc will give me an alum discount? ;)

Anyway off to finish packing and hopefully will have IF off of my mind soon! Back on Monday!


Motel Manager said...

I'm so sorry this cycle hasn't worked - I had high hopes! The NYC clinic is supposed to be great, though, so I hope you will have better luck there.

In the meantime, I hope your weekend is relaxing!

-M said...

Oh Kristi, my heart aches for you. As for the monitoring, most of it was just blood work and you can get any lab to do that (Quest of Labcorp are just 2). I needed 2 ultrasounds before going to NYC and my OB/GYN agreed to do those. I really hope you have a fun weekend.

steph said...

I hope the call is NOT what you're expecting.
Good Luck!!