Saturday, September 09, 2006


No more hives -- ended up taking Benadryl at work because I was so itchy.

My follicles are a teeny tiny bit bigger -- I now have a 13mm & 14mm...and my lining is like 8.1mm or something like that... RE is still optimistic but my doubts grow each day (unlike my follicles). Also I've been having menstrual-like cramping for the past couple of days. That concerns me as well.

Just realized that I don't have an hCG shot on hand so I'll need to ask for a script for that.

Oh and the granite does not look that good. I compromised when I picked out the slab -- I chose convenience over what I really wanted and now I'm going to have to live with the wrong choice now. I'm angry at myself about it and out of that DH and I just got in a big fight about it.

I also read The Infertility Cure book a little more today and now I'm wondering if my TCM herbs were keeping me from suppressing on the Lupron? She's not adjusting my herbs as much as the book indicates (e.g., with each phase of my cycle). So now I'm doubting my acupuncturist and the herbalist...

So here I am now -- a big mess of anger/frustration/sadness -- all mixed into one. I don't feel like going grocery shopping or cooking. I don't feel like going for a hike with my dog. I don't really feel like doing much at all right now. Ugh...

**** update ****

Apparently I'm an emotional mess these days. Sometime about going to the RE makes me nuts. Anyway after a nice cry session I'm back to normal now. And I'm looking forward to cooking, hiking, etc. And hubbie and I are friends again...we're actually going to go grocery shopping together now.

I'm also going to start asking for the hormone levels -- E2 = 119; P4 = .5

And I go back in on Monday.


serenity said...

Oh sweetie. What a rollercoaster these cycles are, no? Hugs and love... you do NOT know just how much I am hoping this does it for you.


Thalia said...

Hoping one of your follicles has made a break for it now.