Friday, September 15, 2006

transfer is tomorrow (Saturday AM)!!!

I can't believe our transfer is TOMORROW!! I'm so nervous/excited!! I did just get an acupuncture treatment (with spinal heat packs) to calm me down. I feel alseep on the table it was so relaxing. I woke myself up when I started snoring - oops! Thank you allergies!

So we've been doing the PIO for a couple of days now -- and we've been slackers about it. In previous cycles we had an extensive routine for prepping & minimizing soreness. This time we just wing it and I've been noticing a difference - my tush/hip is already sore. Guess I better start getting back into the routine -- especially using the heating pad and heating up the PIO first.

I also started doxy and estradiol today. The number of pills I'm taking right now is ridiculous!! Although today is my last day for a few things...

Since I got a copy of my records after IVF#2 I have some notes on our frozen embryos. It's been five months and I can't wait to "see" them again. There are (7) 8-cell embryos that are held on (5) different straws -- so (2) doubles and (3) singles. Five are rated 1.5 and two are 2. I'm hoping the embryologist is a tough grader (they did saw that they are strict with what they freeze). :

Guess I should have asked more about the thaw process -- I assume they start in the AM -- according to this sheet they will use the Biogenics A2 method. Hope that's a good one. :)

And my transfer got pushed back until 10:30 - which is good because it gives me more time to take a shower & go to the acupuncturist.

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Thalia said...

Hope the embryos thawed beautfully and that the transfer was easy.