Thursday, September 28, 2006


Another HPT this morning and...another BFN. And I started spotting very lightly (which I never do on PIO/suppositories). :(

DH and I talked more last night and he's fully supportive of whatever I want to do for our upcoming cycles -- he just doesn't want to spend the next five years doing IVF. That works for me! So we're good. And we are adjusting some of our financial plans to prepare for more cycles as well (helps now that the TH is sold!). I am curious about insurance coverage available with DH's new job (my coverage was zapped earlier this year) -- it would be out-of-network since this place doesn't really take many insurances, but any kind of coverage would be nice. Need him to get a copy of the benefits details...

AND I was able to get a much earlier appointment with another RE at the same practice. So I'm heading up to NYC next Friday!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! So hopefully we'll be able to get in one more cycle in this year! I enjoyed working with my RE down here, but I think it's time for the big guns.

We just decided to bring some yummy red wine that we've been saving for a while (from our Italy trip) to our little vacation with friends this weekend...just to make it a little festive.


serenity said...

Ugh, I am sorry about the evil pee sticks. I am glad you are feeling good about moving on to another cycle, though.

I am going to continue to hold out hope until tomorrow though.


One Mother's Journey said...

I'm sorry. I do love that you already have another plan in action... though, like Serenity said, I hope you won't need it.

Enjoy your weekend away.

SmarshyBoy said...

I'm so sorry about the BFN. But I agree, it's great that you have a plan. Have fun in NYC!

-M said...

My heart is breaking for you. I love your attitude, hang in there! Great news about the RE, let me know if you need any recs.