Thursday, September 07, 2006

CD11 - hope? nope...

Well my ovaries aren't nearly as happy as they were on Lupron - it's CD11 and I still don't have a dominant follicle... And this AM it looked like I had less # of follicles than 2 days ago...and my largest ones don't seem any bigger (12-13mm)... My lining did get a little thicker (8mm).

Funny because last night I had a dream that we got pregnant and woke up all hopeful and positive about this cycle. I think I was actually smiling on my way over to the RE's office.

Easy come, easy go.


Wow - that was a little melodramatic, huh? I should NOT post immediately when I get back from the RE's office. There still is hope of course, but I wish my ovaries would kick in a bit right now!

I go back on Saturday (CD13) again for another look.

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Southern Comfortable said...

Ugh. That sucks. I'm not losing hope for you yet, but I can totally understand the disappointment.