Tuesday, September 05, 2006

free time? what is that?

These natural FETs are almost...boring...compared to a fresh or even medicated cycle. I went in again today (CD9) for another peek. I have a few follicles that are starting to grow (between 11-13) and my lining is looking good (7).

And there's really nothing for me to do except to wait and then go back in for another visit in a few days. No adjustments to meds. Hey - no meds! No needles. Lots of pills but that's my own choice (fish oils + baby aspirin + prenatals + COQ10). I don't have to write anything down on a calendar. I really don't need to do anything at all.

I'm not really complaining - it's just that I don't know what to do with myself. Normally all of my energy would be focused on planning out my shots & making lots of notes about how my follicles are doing. But now I have all of this extra mental energy. Maybe I need a hobby or something. :)

Given that our latest home project (finishing the bar in the basement) is almost done AND my big work project is over -- I'm really going to have a lot of time on my hands.

What should I do with my fall? Here is my latest list of what I'd like to do...
- take sailing lessons with DH (I've been sailing since I was a kid but he is a newbie - thought it'd be a nice refresher for me & a good start for him)
- take a photography class (I think I'm finally getting a digital SLR for my b-day -- it'd be nice to know how to use it)
- finish a knitting project -- I have a few that needs some TLC
- actually attend my bookclub!
- start playing my guitar again - or should I say "playing"
- take an agility class with our dog
- adopt a second dog
- plan out our ski trip & Greece trip for next year
- go camping with friends
- try some new restaurants
- have a partay in our new basement
- organize our photos (physically & electronically)
- host our wine club (this is already planned)

Notice the blatant lack of IF-related activities. No researching new theories on implantation failure. No additional controversial testing.

I'm going to try to enjoy the free time as much as possible!!


Meg said...

Good on you, Spark. Do that. I like the idea of unmedicated FETS.. they mostly do those here.

Motel Manager said...

I hope this FET works for you, but I think some of the fun things on your list should be done regardless! :)