Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Today has been a productive day! I've somehow managed to get some work done (gasp) AND I made some progress on "plan B":
- scheduled follow-up with my Endo (Levoxyl rx is running out)
- scheduled appt with TopNYCDoc for early November (sooner if I get all of my records up there - and there is a cancellation)
- organized a copy of my records (except for latest FET) for TopNYCDoc; it's ready to send!!
- requested copy of my HSG; it is waiting at radiology at our hospital for me to pick up tonight (I'm surprised just how easy that was to order!); this is needed for TopNYCDoc
- ordered NK Panel + APA tests from Millenova (will do it early next week)

Go me!

Am I better at being a non-pregnant IFer? Seems like I just *know* how to do it and I'm good at it. Not sure how I'd handle ever being PG -- I'd have have no clue what to do!! ;)


And here is my HSG pic!! I've *never* seen this before (one good reason to get copies of your records)! Are the thicker parts of the end of my fallopian tubes normal? (hope the link works - it's hard to blog on a Mac)


MrGali said...

I have no clue what's normal or not, but that's an awesome picture. The human body is fascinating to me.

Go you on being productive! :)

serenity said...

I really want to get a copy of my HSG so I can post it - my uterus looks all poor and abnormal - it's bicornuate so instead of one normal one, I have two deflated balloons...

Congrats on being productive today! I too wonder sometimes if I'm just so used to being infertile that I'm good at it. Sort of a sad thought, actually.

I still hope that you just tested too early.


Southern Comfortable said...

Wow! Your HSG is soooooooo much prettier than mine. It looks textbook to my untrained eye. I think the tubes do widen toward the ovaries (the distal and fimbrial portions, right?).