Sunday, September 24, 2006

Lazy Dog Weekend (8dp3dt)

Lazy Dog Days
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We had a nice lazy weekend. I had some family come down to celebrate my b-day and we mostly just sat around - great hosts, huh? Good thing my family is laid back and doesn't care. I did get a chance to play with my new camera (b-day present!) though...poor Maggie has been a captive subject.

So in less than 5 days I will KNOW if this FET worked or not. I have been thinking about "plan B" in case I do get a BFN - which is the likely scenario.

Plan B
- drink lots of wine & eat lots of unhealthy food on our trip next weekend
- meet with RE and see if he has any brilliant ideas
- see if he will do a lap (to rule out endo)
- probably FET our last 3 embryos while waiting for other appts
- schedule consult with top NYC doc
- schedule phone consult with CA doc who specializes in immunity issues
- do a sauna detox program (acu clinic just started them)
- start intensive excercise & diet (OK - I say this after each BFN but I really mean it!)

I'm torn about POAS before the beta (on 13dp3dt). I definitely will before the blood test because I want to be prepared for the phone call. But do I wait all of the way until Friday? My "rule" is wait until 11dp3dt (Wed) because by then it should be pretty clear one way or another. But then again I love to break rules. So I'm left with a question - when should I test? I would have to go into knowing that my little la-la-la fantasy is likely to be over...and I'm not quite ready for that.

Maybe I'll just focus on sending Serenity some positive thoughts for her soon-to-be-thawed embryos!! :)


serenity said...

Aww, thanks for the good wishes... you're sweet. :)

No symptoms doesn't neccesarily mean that it didn't work... but of course I understand the need to prepare yourself.

I think that Plan B is a good one - at least for me, having another plan is key.

I am still hoping with everything I've got that you don't need your Plan B. :)

MrGali said...

Test! Test! Test!

Ok, I'm a bad influence....

I have everything crossed for you!

Southern Comfortable said...

That picture of Maggie is wonderful!

I'd probably test, just because I wouldn't be able to wait. My course of action may not be the wisest, though.

Selfishly, I want you to test before Friday so I can hear what's going on before my lap. ;-)