Monday, September 11, 2006

CD15 - looking good!

Looks like my ovaries partied it up over the weekend and now I have nice big fat 19mm follicle!! And my lining looked "gorgeous" - triple stripe & 11+mm. When the RE saw my lining he got all excited and said "I want to get those embryos in there RIGHT NOW!"

Anyway the RE thinks we'll trigger tonight!!!! I stopped by the pharmacy on the way to work to get a refill. And depending what time we need to do it we might need to bring it with us to the football game tonight. :)

So I *think* that I'll be starting some form of progesterone in the next day or two and the transfer will be 4.5 days after the trigger (our frozen embryos are 3 day). I'm assuming I'll get more details with my phone call this afternoon.

And my emotional rollercoaster reached a new peak - I was so overcome by my feelings of HOPE that I cried on the way to the pharmacy. This might actually work!


serenity said...

OH YAY!!!!!!!!

I am crossing everything I've got for you, girl. Welcome back, hope! :)

SmarshyBoy said...

Everything sounds great. We've got our fingers crossed for you.

Southern Comfortable said...

I am so excited for you! I'm so glad to hear the RE sounding so positive.

Triggering during Monday Night Football definitely shows dedication. :-) You do what you've gotta do, right?

So, if you trigger tonight, the transfer will be Saturday morning?

-M said...

Yeah!!! Sounds so promising, I've got everything crossed for you!