Thursday, September 21, 2006

5dp3dt - la la la...

Dinner was nice. I was a big idiot though and didn't read the menu closely. NOT a good thing to do at a seafood restaurant when you have shellfish allergies. So I had to send my dinner back and ask for a less-deadly version. Ooops! But the waiter was super nice and even gave us little anniversary gift at the end (a mug, copy of the special anniversary menu - thanks for reminding me of my error, and also a box of yummy cookies!).

Last night we also watched our wedding DVD and laughed at ourselves for looking like goofballs. And I want to go through our honeymoon pics tonight!!

I love the leather frame and briefcase ideas (esp. for DH's new job!)! And we came up with two other ideas last night. DH said he found a leather map that looked cool (for our subtle travel-inspired living room). And we have been drooling over a leather armchairs for years now so we're thinking about getting rid of our TV in the living room and putting a nice chair/ottoman in its place. So I think we're going to go shopping for our gifts together this weekend. :)

just for kicks here is my fav wedding pic (which somehow reminds me of Renoir's dancers):

and where I'd love to be right now -- relaxing on our honeymoon in Greece:


We did our PIOs before bed for our two previous cycles. But when we first started doing them for this FET the morning was better for us schedule-wise and we've stuck with it. It's actually how the nurses say to do them. And it's turned out to be much easier because we're not too tired in the AM.

After yesterday's hormone check (E2 = 363; P4 = 40) they asked me to bump up Estradiol to 3x per day (6 pills today). My pill box is going to explode!

Here is the new med schedule spread out throughout the day:

Levoxyl (1 hour before food)
antibiotic (with breakfast but with no other pills)
2 Estradiol, prenatal, 3 fish oil, CoQ10
2 Estradiol
antibiotic (with dinner but with no other pills)
2 Estradiol, prenatal, 3 fish oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, baby aspirin
progesterone suppository
Chinese herbs

I wrote up a little schedule to remind myself!


La la la...still pregnant until proven otherwise...and just to really play it out I plugged in some dates into a due date calculator - it said I am theoretically 3w1d today and due on 6/6/07. And heartbeat could first be detected on 10/18/06. La la la...I can't heeeeear you, reality!!!


serenity said...

Aw, your wedding pic looks GREAT! Glad you had a good dinner - close call on the shellfish, huh?

You sound so positive and hopeful, I hope I can be even close to as upbeat as you in my 2ww.

I am hoping really really really REALLY hard for you sweetie!!!!

-M said...

I love your wedding picture! Ahh, to be so naive and carefree again.

I also love the idea of a leather briefcase, I might steal that for our anniversary next week, since DH also started a new job.

Southern Comfortable said...

I LOVE the wedding picture! So beautiful.

I'm glad you enjoyed dinner. They gave us the mug/menu/cookie combo for my birthday, too. I think it's a nice little touch. Sorry I recommended all the shellfish items, though! Yikes!