Saturday, September 16, 2006

ET - babies on board!

Nick and I were joking around that I need to wear around one of those obnoxious yellow "baby on board" signs now. ;)

Today went very smoothly -- my first acupuncture session (and valium) made me very very relaxed. And the second acu session turned me into jelly.

So they thawed the two double straws and all four embyros survived. They were each 8-cells before freezing. And seemed to recover fairly well from the thaw (1 did really well, 2 did fine, and one clung on). There were two grade 1.5s and two grade 2s.

# cells when thawed -> # cells at transfer
8 -> 9
6 -> 8
6 -> 8
3 -> 6

We debated on whether to transfer 3 vs. 4 with the RE and the embryologist. Given that we've been aggressive in the past with zero luck (0 for 6) we decided to transfer all 4. The RE said "After all of my experience I'd say there is no way you'd end up with 4. And if you end up with 4 then I'll quit. OK I won't really quit but I'll think that I should quit." Anyway it was really funny. (it was the other RE who is really, really funny)

So welcome to our babies on board: G, H, I, J

Hope you stick around for the full ride!!!

(I'll scan in the pic when I wake up a bit more)


The Town Criers said...

I'm glad the transfer went well. Stick, little embryos, stick. Wedge yourselves in there.

You never know--maybe it will be the fourth one that will make all the difference.

Hope it's an easy wait.

Motel Manager said...

Congratulations! I'll be hoping a reasonable number of them stick!

The Town Criers said...

Oh--Spark, I forgot, I have a bunch of reproductive immunology questions and Serenity pointed me to you :-) I'm also in the D.C. area--the Maryland suburbs. Do you have someone you'd recommend in town for blood work? I have one name right now at Georgetown. You can email me:

Meg said...

AyAyAy - Four embryos! Good luck Spark.