Wednesday, November 01, 2006

in a New York minute...

NYC has been very busy. I stayed with a friend in Brooklyn for the first couple of days and spent a significant amount of time moving from one place to another - on the subway, on foot, and in a cab. I checked into the medical hotel last night and have really, really enjoyed not moving.

Some random highlights from my trip so far:
- I *love* Brooklyn -- it has so many cute restaurants & shops...and just feels good. Can't wait to stay with my friend again!
- I loved figuring out the most efficient way to get from point A to point B. There is a moderate walk from the subway to the RE's office and I would decide which way to go based on which path had the walk signal. I guess it's not too surprising because the lights are synchronized, but I took the same exact path a few times in a row.
- Having so many unique & creative restaurants will definitely make going back to generic-suburb-land very difficult. Although DC has much better Lebanese food. :)
- They took a ton of blood for the co-culture, pre-op testing, as well as some additional testing that I needed to complete before starting our IVF cycle. I still feel pretty drained (har har) which kinda surprised me. I used to donate blood before starting acupuncture and didn't feel quite as affected.
- I like my RE more & more that I see him. He's just so funny & down-to-earth. And I'm also impressed with the whole staff - everyone seems so nice AND competent!
- The co-culture biopsy was very fast and much less painful than I expected. Guess the 800 ibu. helped out a bit.
- My feet have blisters even though I wore comfy shoes. But I've really enjoyed the walking. The weather has been beautiful.
- There is a spot in the Lexington subway station - as you are going up the last escalator - that smells just like my dog, Maggie. It made me miss her even more.
- I like my NYC acupuncturist -- very sharp & approachable.
- I have to keep reminding myself that the medical hotel is right next door to the hospital and very cheap. Otherwise my spoiled self would have escaped to something more luxurious last night. The room is blah as expected, but the air quality seems horrible -- the only way to get some cool air is to open the window and listen to the ambulances approach the emergency room next door.
- Halloween in Brooklyn was so cute. The kids go from store to restaurant to bar going in and yelling out "Trick or Treat!" Very funny.
- REs back in VA are not very interested in doing monitoring visits for the start of our IVF cycle - no one wants to return my call.
- I think our ER will be right around Thanksgiving. Guess we might not make it down to Savannah to see my ILs. Ooooops!
- I desperately need some new clothes before heading up again. I feel sooooo unfashionable it's painful!
- I was glad to hear that no bowel prep was required for the lap. I would be very grumpy if I couldn't eat today and had some unpleasantness in the bathroom tonight.
- I can't wait to see my DH tonight!
- I wish I brought my camera - there were a few picture perfect moments that I had to commit to memory. Unfortunately I have a horrible memory.

Off to get my hair cut with my friend!



I LOVE my cut (took off lots of bulk & added layers) & color (copper & low-lights)! So now I need to come up here every couple of months to see my new favorite stylist & colorist. At least my hair will look good for tomorrow's surgery. I'll need to get it updated before any future procedures. ;)

And mental note - Broadway is NOT the same as West Broadway.

DH should be here soon!


Just got the call from the hospital -- surgery isn't until 1pm. I'm going to be starving by then! I'm going to stay up tonight & eat something at midnight. :)


Heather said...

So glad you had a nice trip!!

-M said...

I didn't realize you were already in NY. Sounds like you're having a similar experience to mine, I lost 8 lbs from all the walking! I was also surprised at how weak I was after the co-culture blood draw.

Glad you're having a good time, hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

Southern Comfortable said...

Glad to hear everything is going well!

The no food after mindnight thing confuses me. Now, if there were a "no food for eight hours before your surgery rule, that would make sense. But why should someone with an 8:30 a.m. surgery and someone with a 2:00 p.m. surgery have the same midnight deadline? I think they're just too lazy to figure out what time someone's real cutoff should be, and so they just tell everyone the same time! :-)

Melissa said...

I'm a little scared by how much alike we are.....My laparotomy wasn't till 1pm also...and I hated that I couldn't eat or drink all morning! I was absolutely miserable! But..I'm sad to say that I had to do the bowel prep-you missed out on 8 hours of toilet fun! And...I cut and colored my hair the day before surgery as well! I figured if I was going to be all yucky and frumpy in the hospital that at least my hair would look good!~ See...we could be odd...:)