Thursday, October 26, 2006

anxiety rising

Since I'm having a hard time posting comments on some blogs (thank you, Blogger Beta) I thought I'd share my comments on here...

I hope that the Hotel Manager at the Embryo Motel gets some relief soon. That does NOT sound like fun. Also I've met a bobcat at a couple points in my life as well - for two different types of growth spurts.

And congrats to Serenity on the job offers. You rock! Good luck with your decision -- for me it's always been really important to work with great people. But then again commuting does suck.

I'm getting more & more excited about spending the week up in NYC. I'll be living in Brooklyn (Carroll Gardens) with a good friend for half of the week and then moving to a hotel closer to the hospital prior to the surgery. I have already picked out the subway lines that I'll need to take and located the closest Whole Foods. Still trying to make appts for acupuncture and hair cut. Looking forward to some good food (before the clear liquid diet day). And might catch up with some other friends. One of my good college buddies just had #2 - I guess I should work up some excitement there.

But I'm also feeling very anxious about something. Not really the surgery, but I'm guessing that will hit next week. Maybe about the IVF cycle itself. I'm afraid that the moons won't align and I'll have to push it off to January. The more that I think about it that scenario seems less likely, but I'm still anxious about something.

Actually I haven't told my boss about taking off time for the IVF. I wanted to get a better feel for the dates before saying anything. I did hit that I might need to take off more time later in November, but didn't really mention that it'll be 2 weeks out of the office. Oh yeah - right after this week of being out. I do plan on working "from home" for most of it so hopefully it won't be an issue. Actually we do have a tiny NYC office - maybe I'll try to work from there to not feel as guilty about taking off so much time during a busy month. Part me wants to say F it because of everything that I've done for the company so far this year and then part of me feels bad for leaving my boss in a tight spot. And he is very cool. So maybe I'll spill the beans to him and also work hard to support him from NYC when I can.

So maybe it's a lot of little things are making me nervous all around? Guess I better work on some relaxation techniques...and maybe another acu session before I head up?



serenity said...

It's so stressful to coordinate all the cr@p that needs to happen to get IVF - much less in a different city. So I totally understand your stress. Just keep taking deep breaths and remember: it's all going to work out. It will.

I am hoping for the best for you!!!! Wish I was going to be in the big bad city so we could meet up... maybe November. :)

Motel Manager said...

Good luck with the surgery and the travel...the arrangements sound complex, but I am hoping for great results for you!

theoneliner said...

IF makes work and life in general so much more complicated, n'est pas?

I bet your not being at work as much isn't as big of a deal as you think it is. That you are worried about it so shows that they probably think of you as a worker bee anyway.

Good luck and I hope they don't push your cycle back!

Southern Comfortable said...


Good luck with your lap! I know you'll be a trooper. Just take it easy afterward and make everyone wait on you hand and foot. :-) You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

lola said...

hi there, i thought i'd check in and say hello since we're on such similar timelines for our cycle this month!

wishing you smooth sailing. I'm also nervous about this cycle more than I've ever been in the past. I just think that somehow knowing what is ahead of you and what potentially could go wrong makes it that much worse. Ignorance is bliss and I wish I had some of it right about now :)