Saturday, November 18, 2006

CD7 - slow & steady wins the race?

I bought some tulips for my apartment and thought they looked beautiful in the morning sun.

Work has been busy (conference calls and emails) and the DSL wasn't working in the apartment when I first got here so I haven't been online much. Let me recap...

- Finally got my period so I got worried about my lining.
- DH drove me to the train station - I'm missing him lots right now.
- I was on a conference call for most of the train ride up to NYC - not fun.
- Stayed in Brooklyn with a good friend.

- Went in for bloodwork and ultrasound. My RE saw me - said that he snuck in when he should have been doing something else (he's so nice!). He gave me the lap pics and said that he isn't too worried about my lining, but he might slow me down a bit so my lining can catch up.
- Hung out with my friend watching movies & grocery shopping.
- After a yummy dinner (Brooklyn version of Moroccon chicken) and a couple glasses of wine (ooops!), I headed up to my apartment in the pouring rain. Thank god for car service.
- Very happy with the apartment - very cute & spaceous! But it is right on a noisy intersection. Trust me -- honking your horn won't make you go any faster.
- Meds are knocked down to 75 Folli.stim & 150 Meno.pur
- Unpack and crash

- Head in again for bloodwork & ultrasound - the waiting room was really packed. Follicles are starting to creap over 10mm. Largest was around 13mm. Said I'd probably start Gani.relix that night.
- Got some groceries on my way back to the apartment. Got a little too much liquid to carry - it's heavy! And a few too many unhealthy things. Oops. Must get something healthier next time!
- Saw my acupuncturist and had a nice treatment. First time I had electric treatment.
- Took a nap when I got back and also watched some movies. Ate a slice of cheesecake for dinner. MUST eat healthy on Saturday.
- My stomach was definitely not happy with my food choices. Yuck.
- Started Gani.relix and continued 75 Folli.stim & 150 Meno.pur.

- Waiting room was even more packed this morning - I was there for almost 1.5 hours.
- Lining is growing back nicely - up to 6.4mm already so I don't think I'll need to worry about it - and I had a couple more follicles that were just over 10mm - but most were still under and not measured
- I guess since they are so busy they don't have clean blankets left so I had to use a gown/poncho thing (with head hole right in the middle) to cover up which is fine until...
- the RE notices that they didn't get my weight at baseline since I started out of town so she wants to weigh me - before I put my clothes back on
- so I make my way over to the scale and hope I didn't moon the nurse too much - oops
- and the scale confirms that I definitely need to eat better - thanks
- I'm still feeling tired and a bit off so I've been lounging around; going to a party tonight with some old friends - should be nice to catch up with them...

So I'm a little worried that we won't end up with a lot of mature eggs, but I do know that this practice does a slow & steady stim and values quality over quantity. Which is great, but there is some comfort in numbers.

And I'm not really sure why I don't have an RSS feed for my blog...guess I'll need to look into that. :)

Dropping the Folli.stim completely tonight - of course that is the easy, nice drug that I'd much rather take. I get to keep the annoying mix-it-up & sting yourself Meno.pur. Oh well.

And apparently I get to give even MORE blood for co-culture tomorrow. And this nurse thinks I won't trigger until at least Tuesday. Guess I better start looking for places past the 24th when they kick me out of my apartment.

2150+150524-day 1 of stims
4150+150179--start belated period
575+150293-under 10mm
675+1504535.2max=13mmstart Gani.relix
70+1507566.4max=13.5mmstop Folli.stim


gabby said...

Thanks for your detailed account of your IVF protocol. Slow and steady is good although we all want to be that woman who comes out of ER with 30 eggs. But we also know that's not a good thing. Lots of luck!

Thalia said...

Sounds like things are going well. Can I ask how you did the table? I've always wanted to do one of those but never managed it - I keep a similar spreadsheet for my cycles!

spark said...

thank you!

thalia - I used html tags for tables ( :)

TeamWinks said...

The flowers are beautiful! Thanks for keeping us updated on the cycle. Good luck on finding a new place!