Monday, November 13, 2006

CD2 - baseline

This morning I went in for my baseline appointment - simple bloodwork & ultrasound, right? I almost passed out when the receptionist told me the cost. It was almost 3x more than my old RE's office would have charged and 2x more than my NYC RE charged for a similiar appointment last month. WTF?! Why on earth did I not ask about this before? I definitely should have shopped around a bit. I am hoping that insurance will cover some of it and now I'm debating whether I should find somewhere else for my CD4 bloodwork. I'm hestitant to try another lab (different results?) though and it should be a lot less because it's just bloodwork. Or should I just head up to NYC a day earlier?

Once my sticker shock wore off I was happy to see that my lining looked nice and thin (4mm) and my ovaries seem pretty calm. No cysts or follicles that got a jump start. Seems like BCPs are the way to go for me!

Oh and I could have done without the 'tude from the overpriced nurses when I was calling to confirm that they sent the FAX (NYC nurses couldn't find it). For that much money you should FAX it as many times as I want - and like it!

I had a minor meltdown after work over something stupid - I think that was my emotional release from all of the stress about whether we were going to cycle or not. But I feel much more relaxed now. Phew.

So after a lot of nervous energy I did finally get that call from NYC - we're a go! I start out with 150 Follist1m and 150 Men0pur for the first two days and then check bloodwork on CD4. I forgot all of the details involved with stims - which syringe do I used again? which needle? and where do I stick that Q-thing? I got spoiled on the easy natural FET cycle. Figured that I shouldn't use the 6-month-old Follistim cartridge that was still in there (although I did put it in the fridge just in case;). And Men0pur stings like a motherf'er! I don't remember that from the last time. Maybe because I used two vials this time? And I think I can taste the meds in my mouth? Weird.

Anyway, I'm VERY excited that this IS happening!

CD2 recap:
lining: 4
follicles: lots of antral
E2: 52
FSH: 4.2
Follist1m: 150
Men0pur: 150


oh and here is the little gremlin our "nephew" that we are dogsitting this week - he is ridiculously entertaining:
helping to make the bed


theoneliner said...

All the numbers make my head spin and confuse me; O
I hope this is your cycle!
Cute pup.

Christy2262 said...

YAY for starting a new cycle!!

TeamWinks said...

What a cute little pug! They are always good for a laugh or two. Thanks for stopping over at my house, I would have put on a cup of coffee if I had known you were coming (virtual and decafe none the less.)

Well, we are also excited this IS happening! I think everything surrounding infertility is expensive. Hang in there!

Heather said...

first off the nephew is adorable!

second, I'm so happy for you!

Third, I wish you the absolute best of luck!

gabby said...

Lots and lots of luck! Weird how we forget to use all the needles. It'll all come back quickly for you!

-M said...

That sticker shock is something, isn't it? The good news is that the NYC clinic will charge you a wee bit less than what they quoted since you're starting your monitoring at home. Good luck!!!

Oh, also, that cartridge is now useless. Once it's been pierced, it's only good for 30 days even if it has been in the fridge the whole time.