Tuesday, November 28, 2006

1dp3dt - first roadtrip

Thank you for all of the kind words that mean so much to me.

We took the babies on their first roadtrip today - they got the full tour of the NJ Turnpike and I-95 South. Their favorite part was getting a decaf latte at Chesapeake House in Maryland.

Here is a more artistic pic of them - doesn't the B&W really show the emotion? I was debating between that and sepia.
day 3 embyros

OK - so I've only had a few weeks this year to pretend that I am happy & pregnant. This feeling will soon be replaced with doubt & fear - so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts. Feel free to ignore. ;)

Started E2 patches today - my RE prescribed them to me on special request. Oh and we forgot to do the PIO shots this AM so we did them at the reststop. Apologies for mooning anyone heading southbound on 95. For anyone that was wondering - it definitely hurts a lot to not use a heating pad right away to dissipate the oil.

My boobs are still very sore & huge which I think means my E2 (or P4?) hasn't dropped to the floor yet as it has in previous cycles (yay!). Even though I know that the "symptoms" are meaningless at this point they still are reassuring on some level.

How on earth am I going to survive the next 10 days?


the waiting line said...

good looking bunch you got there. :-) good luck!

MrGali said...

One day at a time... I hope that ten days from now you get an awesome xmas present. :)

KelleyO said...

Seconding the Christmas present sentiment...maybe TWO presents!

Glad you made it home safely!

thetowncriers said...

Gorgeous--simply gorgeous! I think that should be the Christmas card this year... You and the triplets!!!

Good luck--enjoy the good moments.

Gil said...

I think they have your nose...
But you're right. The B&W is very classy. The sepia wouldn't have done them justice!
Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

spark said...

OMG - I totally need to add some Santa hats - that would be a hilarious holiday card!!!

Jo said...

Very vey nice looking for sure!
Had to laugh at the PIO restops. We dropped D's kids off there, and have had my butt out more times then I can count.

Hoping for he best news for you in the coming weeks.

lola said...

Ha, I can just imagine the PIO shot at the rest stop. Gotta do what you've gotta do, right? too funny.

I'm glad you're feeling good and enjoying the moment with your beautiful embies. I have a lot of hope for you! Over the next 10 days you can pass the time by helping me not go crazy as well ;)