Tuesday, November 14, 2006

CD3 - anxiety

Today was hectic. Lots going on at work and then lots going on at home to get ready for my trip. I had another meltdown after work today. Poor hubby - he must think I'm a freakshow. Good thing that he is so understanding and didn't go running for the door. Also a good thing that the pug is so hilarious - definitely helped lighten things up tonight. I'm thinking that I should just bring him up to NYC with me -- he'd be great company. Think my brother-in-law would mind if I dog-knapped him?

I'm staying with my friend in Brooklyn tomorrow night and then move to a corporate apartment on the UES on Thursday. I think once I get there I'll feel more settled and will relax more.

So I did the same dose of stims today (150+150) and go in tomorrow for bloodwork. Although I'm wondering if I did the right dose of Follist1m last night - tonight it seemed like I dialed it much further. Hope it's not a big deal. So the more I have to mix up the Men0pur - the more I heart the Follist1m - the premixed vials & pen make it 10000000x easier. But my ovaries seem to love the LH so I'll suffer through it. Plus it feels a little bit like a science experiment. Hopefully my concoctions won't bubble over and melt through my desk. Chemistry was never my favorite subject.

I think I was sooooo focused on juggling all of the appointments/paperwork/logistics over the past couple of months that I didn't have time for it to really sink in that we're actually doing this - again. We're putting ourselves out there - again. I didn't get too emotionally invested in our FET mess. But this - how can I not? Top IVF center. New protocol. Co-culture. Right after a lap cleaned out my surprise endo. On fish oil & NKs are down. On Levoxyl & TSH is down. Weekly acupuncture for the last 6 months (and a couple months of herbs). Third time's a charm. We're traveling out of town. We really, really want it. No weird delays like in previous cycles - everything is going eerily well. Of course it's going to work. Because if it doesn't - will it ever?


lola said...

I have such high hopes for your cycle. It sounds like everything is going much more smoothly than in the past so that is great. I will keep my fingers crossed for you if you keep yours crossed for me! If all goes well I'm starting stims on Sat...

PS - that pug photo is SO cute.

gabby said...

Very high hopes for this cycle! I hope you get into a good routine once you settle into the corporate hotel. It’s exciting how many changes you’ve made. And if you get a bfp I’m getting a lap even though my doc said no to it today. I feel like I’m just a few steps behind you. I’m starting emotionally un-invested FET cycle this round.

serenity said...

It's ok to have high hopes for the cycle - you have a lot to be hopeful for this time.

I have the HIGHEST hopes for you, sweetie. Keep us posted.

Jamie said...

This is off topic but I tried to add you to my bloglines feed and it says you don't have one. Is this on purpose? I would love to add you.


luolin said...

I hope the third time is the charm for you. I think you are at the same clinic I was at for my three ivfs (based on mention of Lex subway station). Good luck with the cycle and all the extra details like housing, etc.