Saturday, November 25, 2006

sleep is an amazing thing

Thank you for all of your kind words over the past few days - I really appreciate it!

I'm really OK with ICSI in general - just in our experience we didn't do as well with it. And I'm more worried about what caused the sperm degradation in the first place -- could it also be affecting some non-obvious aspects to quality as well? So then we'd end up with more dud embryos - if they even fertilize and survive to day 3? Guess I thought we were dealing with enough issues already with me (endo, NKs, lining, TSH, etc.), didn't really need to add another complication. Feels like we're taking a step back. If this didn't work when we had 100% fertilization on our last round, how on earth is it going to work now? BUT if we do need to do it I guess this is the lab to do it.

I also feel like with each of our cycles so far there has been something "wrong" that has happened. Everything with this one was going fine until that. Is this just not meant to be?

The good news is that our hotel room is sooooooo comfortable. Turns out that the hotel did renovate recently so we missed out on the mid-80s bedspreads that were in the website pics. And it's soooo quiet up here on the 42nd floor. They were even nice enough to provide a mini-fridge for my meds. If it had a kitchen (so we wouldn't to go OUT THERE into scary tourist land) it would be perfect. Although I guess there always is room service...which was quite tasty last night.

LMAO Oneliner - we are RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR. to Apple.bee's. The signs were so obnoxious we almost drove right past the hotel. If we do need to go out for any reason I'm running for a cab and saying "just get me out of here! doesn't matter where!" :)

After a nice long sleep I'm feeling much much better. Wonder if I was in extra pain yesterday because I wasn't sleeping? We had to finish packing and then take a bumpy cab ride over to the hotel...where we waited in the lobby for 2.5 hours to get into a room. I might have traumatized those kids from Omaha in the lobby with my tears. Didn't go well on the front desk manager either. "pleeeez...I just had surgery today [flashing my bandaged-up IV hand]...can you pleeeez give us a room soon?!!" - yeah, that didn't work on him. He didn't even flinch when I worked up some tears. Well my body finally has had time to recover and I'm feeling so much better. Don't even think I need pain meds at all today!

My theory on why I was in more pain than usual is that they do A LOT of retrievals at this IVF center. Rumor has it that they did 22 the other day. They did at least 15 yesterday. So maybe to get everyone in & out of there as quickly as possible they use different or lower-dose sedation for the procedure. In the past it would take me a solid 1-2 hours to stop asking the same question 20 times. Yesterday I was ready to go in just under an hour. Definitely not the restful ER nap that I know & love - I do feel robbed of that beautiful experience.

Well in less than 7 hours I'll have the fertilization report. Maybe since I was #4 on the list yesterday I'll hear sooner today? Although they had to do more work on ours (ICSI) so who knows.

Please please please let there be some healthy fertilized embryos to transfer on Monday!! Oh - and if they can stick around - that would be nice too!!


theoneliner said...

OMG..what a jerk..why couldn't he just give you a room? Although, if I worked in Times Square...I'd be pissy too.
Well, at least your room is better than imagined.
I'd worry about the sperm issue too...but they want you to do that to ensure a better outcome.You know, you have a lot going for you this really do.(despite the negative issues).
I still can't believe you are in times square. I was telling DH and we were both like-eeecccchh.
When we lived in NY I would always end up lost and stumble into times square. Every time. And blinking lights give me migraines. Times square is a nightmare.
Although, were i there...i would insist that you meet me ...that we go to the wax museum, eat lunch at sbarro's, buy "I heart NY" t-shirts and end with dinner at applebe.e's. And maybe I'd even try to get us into TRL. Are you dry heaving yet??
Fingers crossed for monday...

spark said...

LOL! I'm seriously debating ordering the $30 burger from room service so I don't need to go outside for lunch. It's shame because it's a beautiful day. Maybe we'll head down to west village for dinner - it's a straight shot down 7th ave.

N said that it was actually quiet down there this morning when he went out for coffee (and brought me back flowers - heart!). He said that all of the tourists were sleeping in because they are on vacation. :)