Wednesday, November 22, 2006

CD11 - Boiled again!

A few years ago N and I attended his grandmother's 80th birthday party and I met some of his extended family. One of his cousin's kids was a real character. He was about 4 years old and ran around playing games & amusing everyone. At one point he lost a game and said in his best cartoon-character voice "Boiled again!" N and I started cracking up. And now, years later, we still say "Boiled again!" whenever our plans don't work out quite as expected.

So last night we were excited to make reservations for lodging for the last few nights we'll be up in NYC. We actually knew the dates that we needed (a big plus!) and we weren't really limited to one neighborhood because we won't need to head over the IVF center that much. Cool. We found a few places that we liked but weren't too happy with the prices. So we thought, why not use Priceline? We know the dates and in the past we've gotten some pretty good deals on nice hotels.

So I look up the 4 star hotels that they use and see that one of my fav hotels (stayed there for several months when I was on a project in Manhattan) had a freakishly low advertised rate. Good location. Much quieter than our current apartment (have I mentioned that we are at the off ramp of Queensboro Bridge; traffic 24x7). Nice rooms. Cool - based on the prices I'm really sure that we'll get that hotel so I don't even bother reading up on any of the priceline message boards.

Well - the hotel we got really wasn't what I expected. It wasn't the hotel I was thinking. The advertised rates for this hotel were way way higher than our winning bid. Decent chain, but from the pics on the website it looks like this particular hotel hasn't been renovated in at least 15 years. And RIGHT on Times Square. So much for peace & quiet. It's my least fav part of NYC - ugh. But at least we got a really good deal. Right?

Boiled again!


My follicles were almost all up in the 17-18mm range now so we're definitely triggering tonight. And it looks like more follicles have been appearing - the RE was guessing that we would get 6-10 eggs based on the number of follicles that I have now. He was very fast though so I couldn't get a great look myself. Boo.

So the schedule is:
tonight - trigger
Thursday - pre-op appt
Friday - retrieval
Monday - transfer
Tuesday - head home


serenity said...

YAY for the trigger, girl!!! GOOD LUCK!!! I am hoping for good mature eggs with AN EXCELLENT fert rate!

LisaGray said...

Sounds like we are just about in the same boat. Fingers crossed for you on Friday. Retrieval is tomorrow for me, so I won't see you, but I'll be thinking of you. Best of luck!

TeamWinks said...

We're pulling for you, and hoping there will be no more boiling!

Hopeful Mother said...

I was glad to read that the "Boiled Again" did not refer to your cycle. Phew!

Wishing you a successful and painless retrieval!

KelleyO said...

That sucks about the hotel. Glad N is with you now.

Thinking about you- Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

(I was Anon before...first time posting a comment!)

gabby said...

IVF always seems to go by so fast when it happens to someone else. Glad you are triggering tonight. Woo hoo! And while it may be noisy now, in less than a week you'll be back to your own house with your pup. Yay!

Mr Blue Sky said...

Hey Spark
we are on the same time line as you. Wishing the best of luck.
Take things easy and as we say in London 'keep yer chin up girl' x

lola said...

It's Thursday so you already triggered but I am wishing you good luck with the ER!!! I hope all goes smoothly and that they get lots of mature eggs.

Are they sure that you will do a 3 day transfer instead of 5? I am coming up right behind you, I should be triggering tomorrow and I'm anticipating my ER this weekend.

Fingers crossed for good news, keep us posted!!