Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm exhausted and heading to bed in a few minutes, but I wanted to post again before my retrieval tomorrow.

Trigger last night was fine - only 4000IUs though which I thought was odd since my E2 doesn't seem that high. And today has been a bizarre Thanksgiving. Didn't really feel like a holiday at all. I had my pre-op appointment (follicles up to 18-19mm) and N got a bar of antibacterial soap to wash his junk tomorrow. LOL - many many jokes about that today. And we had a mediocre meal at a top-rated restaurant. Guess they had the B team working on a holiday? At least we had some turkey and mashed potatoes though.

Anyway I feel really nauseous right now - maybe from the hCG shot? My boobs are killing me too. So I'm *really* ready to have my happy nap tomorrow morning - I luv twilight sedation. And then I'm sleeping all day on Saturday. ALL day. It will be such a novelty not to wake up early for monitoring.

So the plan for tomorrow:

5:30am wake up & get ready
6:30am arrive for retrieval
7:45am DH does his thing (and I'm assuming my procedure will be starting about this time)
1:00pm need to check out from apartment
3:00pm official check-in time at hotel (we're hoping to get in early though)


Mr Blue Sky said...

Sweet dreams Spark. We'll be thinking of you.

TeamWinks said...

Laughing about the soap! Good luck with everything!

lola said...

Huh, we don't get any soap.

I am thinking about you today and I hope that you are done with your ER and that all went well!!

Looks like I will be triggering tomorrow..