Thursday, November 09, 2006

5 things...

After a lot of ups & downs today I think I've found a solution for lodging. I found another (cheaper) corp apt that is available for the core days that I should need to be in NYC. So I'll stay in Brooklyn for the first night and I might need to find a hotel for a couple of days at the end if I stim for more than 8 days. The good thing is that I won't need to fax in my registration info (payment) until Monday -- after I go to my ultrasound to see if my lining/ovaries are OK to start. So that gives me an out if I need to reschedule.

Thanks to Serenity for the tag. Here are my 5 things that you probably didn't know about me. (or want to know?) :)

1. I have turned into a wimpy skiier/snowboarder. 5-10 years ago I had bigger balls than most of the guys on my ski trips. I'm embarrassed to go with them now because I suck. I hesitate, catch an edge, and it's all over. I miss my gusto.

2. After I die I want to be cremated and have my ashes spread over the water in some cool location - Aegean Sea? The infinity pool at our fav honeymoon hotel? That way Nick (assuming I go first) will get a nice trip out of it. He doesn't think it's a good idea though.

3. Back in junior high, one kid from my neighborhood modified the lyrics to "Crimson & Clover" to include my name - because it rhymed. I was very shy back then and it made me uncomfortable - he would sing it all of the time. But now I think it's kinda cool when I hear the song. "[spark], over and over"

4. I was voted shyest girl in my HS senior yearbook. I had a hard time relating to most people in my class so I usually just kept my mouth shut around them. Usually the louder and more obnoxious people are, the quieter I am. And growing up in NJ - we had a lot of characters. :)

5. I once drank beer out of a ski boot...called "shoot the boot". Disclaimer that I was not the first person so I rationalized that it was already cleaned out...and it was a woman's ski boot - not some big old smelly man boot. Pressing my lips on the smushy, beer-soaked lining was the grossest part.

I will tag:
Embro Motel
Southern Comfortable
the oneliner


theoneliner said...

thanks for taggin me, chicka.

i have lost some gusto to?? where does it go...why did we lose it?

i cannot believe you drank out of a ski boot. too funny. i love your had been cleaned out! kee,he,he. i'm sure you're (with the rest of us who drank beer out of improper holders) are no worse for the wear.

TeamWinks said...

That's hilarious! You drank out of a ski boot! In all my skiing days, I've never seen that one done before. With all the layers of socks, they are probably a lot cleaner than one would expect!

gabby said...

I just found this blog. Where have you been all my life? I will also be going into IVF#3 and also probably have endo (am also requesting a lap before the next cycle so thanks for sharing your experience with this) and maybe NK cells (hope to get tested). Have APAs, hashimoto's thyroiditis, and LPD. DH has low morphology. Anyway, wishing you an easy and successful cycle. You've posted really good info here. Thanks for the research you've done and passing this info on.

serenity said...

*imagining pressing my lips against the mushy ski boot lining* EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! :)

I once drank beer out of a half of a trombone that someone found on a street in New Orleans. We called it the Beer Bone.

Sometimes I think back on it and get grossed out too. :)