Thursday, November 30, 2006

3dp3dt - home sweet home (+blast update)

I'm feeling much calmer today - partly because I had a nice acupuncture session last night (even fell asleep!) and partly because we were reunited with our first baby last night. Maggie was staying at "camp" while we were out of town and there wasn't a good time to pick her up until yesterday ("camp" is pretty far outside the city - past a traffic nightmare).

She looks sooooo happy. Happy that she was running around with other dogs for the past 10 days. This dog LOVES to run - like nothing else. She gets depressed if she doesn't get some good runs during the week. She particularly likes to run in the woods and act as if she's in some kind of obstacle course - darting back & forth, dodging trees, and leaping high over fallen logs. With her goofy happy dog face smiling the entire time.

And she's happy to be home with us. Happy to cuddle up with us. Happy to pull out all of her fancy tricks hoping to get a treat. Happy to sniff out all of the nooks & crannies in the house and our unpacked bags. She does this all with that same big goofy smile.

I'm happy to have her sleep with us again - even though she's big and wakes us up. NOW I feel like I'm home.

her first day home with us:
Maggie's First Day


Apparently they were able to freeze THREE more blasts today - Holy S*(&!!!!! So we have FOUR frozen blasts. I didn't even realize that our embyros were still growing in the lab! That just makes me feel so much better about this whole batch. And if not that's definitely enough to do a FET. OMG!


lola said...

Oh look at that sweet puppy face!! She must be so glad to have you home :)

And 4 frozen blasts - that is fantastic!! Not that you'll need them right away since this cycle is going to work.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling happier today, and fantastic news on your other embryos x

Your Maggie is beautiful!

Mrs Blue Sky

C said...

WOO HOO for more blasts! This is the best news I've heard all day!

theoneliner said...

yeah...there's some good news. and that takes some of the pressure away from this 2ww.

although, my fingers are still doubly-crossed.

serenity said...

See - there's some good news!!! 4 good blasts is actually GREAT news, hon! YAY!!!

Southern Comfortable said...

Great news! I know you must be so glad to be home. I'm right there with you about needing the dog to feel truly home. We should get Maggie and Sadie together for a play date.

When is your beta? I'm sure you mentioned it at some point, but the last couple of weeks have been a blur for me . . . .

Southern Comfortable said...

Duh. I just saw in your sidebar that your beta is on 12/8. I will be thinking of you!!

KelleyO said...

That's great news- 4!