Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why is everything so hard?

Another frustration right now -- we have been trying to sell our old townhouse for a loooong time. We are currently upgrading the kitchen as a selling point (granite countertops & stn stl appliances)...and we also cleaned up a bit today (how exactly does an empty TH get so dirty so quickly!??!). Anyway, every aspect of this upgrade has been causing us trouble. The microwave is defective. Nick is missing parts to the dishwasher (because the delivery guys threw them away). The delivery guys were supposed to help swap out the fridges and now they say they can't come back until Monday (like they will even show up). And to top it all off....our "doesn't lose suction" Dyson is losing suction -- so I had to wipe down the floors all by hand. :(

Argh. So now I'm convinced that we need to get a St. Joseph's statue to bury in the back yard to help us sell it. ;)

And I'm also still waiting for my period -- I'm over a week late now and know that my body is still all whacked out from our last failed IVF cycle. Wouldn't be so bad except that it makes a tiny part of me think that I'm PG. Why is my body playing mind games with me?!!?

I am excited that we're spending time with friends tonight -- we've been very bad about socializing in the past 6 it'll be good to feel normal again. :)

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