Monday, June 26, 2006

When it rains, it pours...literally

The rain this past week has been unreal!

Lots of updates....where should I begin?

First my tea quote:
"Tea was first introduced to Europe in the mid-1600's. By the 1700's it had replaced beer as the beverage choice at breakfast" I can definitely go for one right now!


Nick and I are doing a week of detox in preparation for eating healthier. So far it's been pretty tough. The plan is to eat a Chinese barley soup 3x a day (flavored with different herbs each day), drink nasty a$$ dandelion tea, have a few handfuls of snacks, and take some detox baths. So it's almost the end of day 1 and I'm STARVING. Every food that I saw today turned into an instant intense craving -- even Maggie's dog treats looked good - seriously. : We might need some larger size snacks and more water? And I don't know how we're going to handle our party this weekend -- lots of food and drink temptations...

BUT I do feel less bloated...and in some ways enjoying the change. Inertia is a powerful thing.


Maybe because we're changing things up a bit I'm starting to want to cycle again. Not a super strong urge but it doesn't completely scare me anymore. So we now have a slightly more firm plan to cycle again in August (after my work settles down and I've dropped some lbs). I guess that has been the plan for a while, but I'm starting to actually want to do it. ;)

I'm still waiting to get the results from Millenova and also to review my records in more detail... And I'm also thinking about asking my RE to do an endometrial biopsy ( and maybe asking about steriods (Medrol/Dexamethesone) -- not a normal part of his protocols. We'll see...I've been enjoying life without IF constantly on my mind...

I'm also enjoying my sessions with my new acupuncturist. I don't get as good of a personality vibe as my first one, but there are a lot of things that she says/does that I like. AND it's less than a mile from my house. AND I think she'd be flexible with her schedule so we could do sessions before/after the FET.


More random life updates.... Saturday was definitely a hectic day. And Sunday was mostly relaxed...until I took Maggie (our young black lab mix) for a walk at a local trail along a stream. It was a very nice walk - she was her usual energetic self and had her happy face on. There was no one there because the weather was so lousy. It was also very slick.

When we were almost all of the way back to the car, Maggie ran ahead and hopped along the stream bank. For a moment she was out of sight and I heard a loud bang/splash. I quickly made my way up to see what happened. She was running off to the other side of the stream within a few seconds. It looked like a water-logged tree had slipped down a mossy slick rock.

Was she trying to pick up the tree (because bigger really is better when it comes to sticks)? Was she trying to jump over the tree and knocked it down? Did she fall on the tree/rock? I didn't see what happened. :( And after a few minutes of her running around she started to slow down and developed a limp. She got into the car OK but immediately laid down (normally she likes to sit/stand and check out everything). And about 2 seconds before I opened the back hatch it started to POUR rain!! It was so loud banging on the car that it scared her from getting out of the car. Once the rain died down and she calmed down I was able to scoop her out and down to the ground. And her limp was very bad. :(

We debated taking her to an emergency clinic, but she didn't seem to be in pain when she wasn't putting weight on her we decided to wait until the morning to take her to her vet. (we debated something similar when Nick sprained his ankle a couple of weeks ago)

Since she had a hard time getting up and down stairs we decided to have a family sleepover down in our family room on our sofa bed. :) Wouldn't be so bad except that she got up a few times during the night...and the pounding rain and lightning made it hard to sleep.

This morning we took her to the vet and it seems like it's only a strain or sprain (based on xray). So one week of "quiet" for a pup with lots of energy. This first day she mostly just slept, but we're dreading the end of the week when her energy will be out of control and she won't be allowed to exercise. Our trainer suggested lots & lots of bones...

Great week ahead of us -- crazy lame dog and crazy detox plan.


So I've been (half) joking with Nick for a long time that I want to move to Seattle. He always quipped back about the weather. So last night when it was pouring outside he joked around "I wonder how horrible it is in Seattle". So...we did a side-by-side comparison and every single day this week it's supposed to rain...and every single day this week it's supposed to be clear & sunny in Seattle. HA! ;) I'm still laughing inside about that.


St. Joe is now on duty!! Unfortunately the instructions said that you have to really *believe* in him for it to work. How about I really *want* it work?? Will that count?

But our kitchen update is done so...Sell TH Sell!!!


OK - enough blabbing...I must get some sleep tonight! And go eat some celery! ;)

Oh! I just got tagged for the first time by Serenity -- I'll need to work on that in the morning!! :D

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