Monday, June 19, 2006

having a bad case of the Mondays...

I'm feeling pretty down this morning -- maybe PMS? I finally caved and took a HPT when I got up - of course it's negative. I was also running late and missed a couple of minor meetings this morning. And I'm also not looking forward to my GIANT list of "MUST do this TODAY" -- not just a normal "to do" list. So overall I just feel tired and cranky. I'm hoping lunch will make me feel better (notice the comfort eating).

Yesterday was pretty exhausting as well. I can't stand the heat and the sun was blazing. Yuck. We went for a "quick" trip to Lowes that ended up taking up most of our day and zapping up most of our energy. We did order new cabinet doors/drawer fronts so Nick won't have to strip the old ones (PITA). So that was good.

I did order a St. Joseph's "Sell Your House Kit" online (we couldn't find the church store) -- LOL! I'll have to check on fertility statues next!! But of course none of the calls we had about the TH this past weekend panned out (more calls than usual!).

And WTF is with my RE's office -- it's been over a week and they still haven't finished getting my records ready -- OR even calling me about it.

I'm really going to push myself to exercise tonight. AND to call the personal trainer to make an appointment. Exercise will definitely make me feel better...if I can ever get off my a$$ to do it...

Sorry that this is all so depressing -- I just needed to vent.

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