Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well after ~6 weeks of waiting my period finally came! Guess that my body is finally getting back to normal (after our failed IVF cycle).

AND Nick already picked up my medical records from my RE today! It was odd because all of a sudden my RE wanted to talk to me about my records. I'm not really sure why... And I saw that he called a couple of times but I was in meetings so I couldn't answer...very odd.

We're celebrating Nick's birthday tonight... :)


Food: Not so good for lunch and a bagel for breakfast... I'm partly OK with that because I know that I won't get any of that for a long time once I start the weight loss program...
Exercise: Probably won't do much today...
Mood: good mood -- I just had two big meetings at work this morning and they went well -- I'm really glad that they are over!

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