Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Thoughts of the day...

I had a great quote from my Honest Tea this morning...so good that I saved it in my desk drawer at work...but not good enough that I can remember it now 12 hours later...

Starting off the day with some caffeine in the morning - much better. Avoids a good amount of crankiness. ;)

I am going to fire my eye doctor - well I've asked Nick to fire him. I had a follow up appt today and was frustrated to the point of tears. First he made me wait for ~30 minutes even though he was just hanging out & chatting it up when I got there. Then I had ordered some cute "glare reducing" glasses at my last visit (mostly because they look very funky & cute and I miss wearing glasses after my Lasik surgery). Apparently someone decided to make them magnifying lenses -- which makes them very hard to wear unless you are just reading something close. Which isn't what I asked for - why would they just add that to the order?!? And then the most annoying thing....when I booked the appt I specifically asked (twice) if I'd be able to drive after getting the drops for the eye test. I even asked again just prior to getting the drops. OK - no problem. After my tests were over I could barely see -- very cloudy and blurry. I asked about driving and the doctor said that it should clear up in about 5 minutes. OK... Even with my dark sunglasses it was very painful to make my way out to the car. The afternoon sunlight was shining off of every surface in sight. So I carefully make my way back to my office (probably not wise but I just wanted to get out of there). And can't take my sunglasses off in the office -- I was blinded by my computer screen. So I call the eye doctor's office and ask if that's normal. "Oh no - you should definitely be able to drive - you might need to wear sunglasses though. But you probably can't read for the next couple of hours." That would have been very nice to know -- especially since I asked you about it before even booking the appt!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr.....so I couldn't get much done at work... :(

But then my day got A LOT better when I went to my appt to start off weight loss program. It's actually a combo of exercise (Qi Gong, meridian exercise), acupuncture, and diet/herbs (TCM). We talked a lot and I had an acupuncture session. It sounds like a good mix of mind & body & spirit to bring me back to balance. And she's going to start working in the fertility aspects once I make a little progress (even gave me some herbs today to try to start my period). So it sounds like it will be a good integrated approach for me. Anyway I'm looking forward to getting started later this week (starts off with a detox). I even came home all happy & frisky. It was definitely a highlight of my week so far!!


serenity said...

Wow, that sounds like a GREAT approach to nutrition and fertility... keep us posted on how it goes!

Definitely sounds like you need to fire your eye doctor for sure. What a jerk.

MrGali said...

Can you make up a quote? I was all jazzed to get some true wisdom.

I know - I'll share what my fortune cookie told me the last time I had chinese.

And I quote: You will be successful at everything.

Hot damn! Mama likes the sound of that! ;)

Sorry about your douchebag eye doctor.