Thursday, December 21, 2006


I called the nurse line at my ob/gyn's office to figure out next steps (I seriously doubt they would have ever called me with results). I talked to super super nice nurse so I think I'm going to go back there again - at least to get things started.

Based on doped-up doc's (DUD) report, they are fairly convinced there is no ectopic so no worries there. I also doubt it as well so I'm not going to push it. So next u/s will be with DUD sometime during my 7th week (1st week in January). Hopefully Fish keeps growing and develops a heartbeat by then.

And then my initial ob appt will be on Jan 8th with the certified nurse midwife - who is so so nice & sweet. She does my annual appts and I still like her. BUT I'm starting to shop around for a new practice anyway.

And they did get my beta # back as well -- still doubling appropriately:

14dpo = 11dp3dt = 43 (E2=275 , P4=45)
18dpo = 15dp3dt = 550 (E2=807, P4=56) doubling time=26hrs
21dpo = 18dp3dt = 2128 (E2=942, P4=62) doubling time=37hrs
26dpo = 23dp3dt = 12368 doubling time = 47hrs

Latest beta graph is looking good. PHEW!!!!


TeamWinks said...

Go fish! (Couldn't resist!)

Heather said...

LOVING the fish imagine!!! Too cute!

So glad everything is good.

Southern Comfortable said...

Yippee!! Sounds great.

I am so, so glad that you insisted on having a lap done. And to get pregnant on your first IVF cycle afterward! Wow!

serenity said...

Love the fish - so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so happy for you, hon!!!!!!!!!

KelleyO said...

yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lola said...

Go little fish!! Everything sounds great. You are lucky that they continue to give you betas, I only get two!

the waiting line said...

Great news!

Mr Blue Sky said...

Merry Christmas K. Hope you are being well looked after and keeping nice and warm.

Take care px