Friday, December 15, 2006

18dp3dt - beta #3

Just got results back from beta #3 - such a relief.

14dpo = 11dp3dt = 43 (E2=275 , P4=45)
18dpo = 15dp3dt = 550 (E2=807, P4=56); doubling time=26hrs
21dpo = 18dp3dt = 2128 (E2=942, P4=62); doubling time=37hrs

overall doubling rate is 29hrs

Each step that we take seems to be so monumental. Next step is ultrasound to check for a sac on Wednesday (5w5d). And then another one in 7w to check for heartbeat. And I can't even begin to think beyond that.

My cold is finally getting a little better - I decided that it wasn't worth it to take any meds at this point since it's so early so I've been working with saline nasal spray & menthol drops & LOTS of tea. Oh and a super spicy bloody mary (virgin of course) at lunch one day was so so nice (thanks M!).

And a pretty graph for the betas:


Mr Blue Sky said...

We're thinking of you K. So far so good. A very high beta is excellent news. Wish we had the same care in the UK.

Hope you have a cool weekend.

p&a xx

Heather said...


lola said...

How funny that our betas are so close in number today! That has to be good luck :)

So happy for you! We have a scan next week also.

I'm going to go look at that chart again.

Inglewood said...

Awesome numbers and rising times. Woohoooo!

serenity said...


theoneliner said...

GREAT numbers, girlie.
you sure are giving those with endo/lap's some hope.

KelleyO said...

Wonderful news!!!!! So happy for you and your sweetie. This is just awesome.

I know what you mean about each step being "monumental"! This is YOUR time!

Southern Comfortable said...

Yippee!!! I'm so happy to hear about your great numbers! I'm totally giddy for you! :-)

M said...

Awesome news! Congratulations!!! :) Everytime you have a beta/ultrasound/appt. you are one step closer! :)

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The Town Criers said...

YEAH! That is fantastic, Spark. Congratulations :-)

Jamie said...