Tuesday, December 12, 2006

15dp3dt - beta #2 today + update!

I asked my doctor and he's letting do my next beta today instead of waiting until Friday - phew! I'm not going to hassle the lab company though so I won't be surprised if my results don't get up to NYC until after business hours. So I might not hear until tomorrow.

But I'm feeling much better because my HPTs have been getting much darker. Here are my last three internet cheapies:

11dp3dt - can you even see it anymore?
14dp3dt - finally a nice line
15dp3dt - even darker than yesterday (!)


So I interpret (wishfully) that my hCG is rising. And I'm hoping that today's bloodwork will show that it's doubling nicely. Since my 14dpo beta was 43, I'm hoping that today's bloodwork (18dpo) comes back ~200. I know that the doubling time can take up to 72 hours - putting the low end around 125? It's too early to do math. I'll have to plug it into betabase.info to calculate later. But I'd love a nice big increase.

To help support this thing called hope, I'm going to rationalize the late dark HPT lines and the relatively low 14dpo beta as a late implanter. Most of my frozen embryos didn't become blasts until day-6 - so maybe they're just a bunch of slow pokes. Fashionably late?


Beta was 550 (E2=807; P4=56) so doubling time was only 26.11 hours!!!!! Holy cow!!

And because I have endo they want me to do an early u/s (on Friday!) to confirm that it's not an ectopic. So hopefully we'll see a little black hole in my ute on Friday!!



serenity said...

Ah, yes, the beta hell begins... I remember those days.

That your hpts are getting much darker says that your levels are probably rising - and most definitely pregnant! :)

I will be hoping for a good strong number for you today.

lola said...

Those HPTs look great - so nice and dark! I hope that your 2nd beta comes back really strong. From the looks of things, it will.

I was up all night last night fretting about my beta on Weds and worrying that I don't feel very pregnant right now. *sigh*

gabby said...

Those are definitely getting darker. So unless you are severely dehydrating yourself and concentrating your urine far too much ;) I'd say your hcg is rising. Yay. Can't wait to hear about your beta.

Tulips said...

That's a nice dark line! Fingers crossed for your beta today!

Tulips said...

Doing the happy dance in my cubicle!!!


KelleyO said...

Wonderful, wonderful news about the beta!!!!!!!! Hoping for that little black hole on Friday!

Inglewood said...

Yahoooo! Exciting, great beta number & doubling time. Here's to a black hole in your ute!

alison said...

I am grinning from ear to ear for you and Nick. How wonderful!! You deserve it!

Nilla said...

Those are some awesome looking internet cheapie HPT's!!! ;) (that website sells the only HPT's I am aware of that ARE actually 'quantitative' -- highly unusual in the market of HPT's!)

I have those very same ones, and I can tell you, during my chemical pregnancy back in August, my lines NEVER got much darker -- so I think it is all looking for good for you! :) (as you well know now because of your beta results -- congrats!)

Hope things continue to go well for you...

Take care,

Brenda Sue said...

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