Wednesday, December 13, 2006

16dp3dt - Happy Holidays!

We were thinking about sending out a photo holiday card this year - what do you think? should I add in a newsletter in the voice of the embryos? or put a little "I heart NY" t-shirt on them? ;)


Just to keep things simple we're going to go to my ob/gyn for the ultrasound rather than finding another RE. Unfortunately they only do ultrasounds on Wednesdays (LOL!) so that got pushed off until next week - theoretically I will be 5w5d so I'm keeping my expectations low - "is it in the ute?"

Hourly Daily HPT Update:
This morning's internet cheapie looked about the same as yesterday - hopefully there still is some action in there!


Just heard back from my medical endo. and he wants to up my dose of Levoxyl because my TSH is creeping up. It was 2.3 on Monday and was 0.8 just before we started cycling. I have been feeling a little wacky lately (too hot / too cold) so that might be why. And I've heard being on Estradiol might also affect the thryoid as well.

And my next beta is on Friday.


serenity said...

YEAH - 550 - good strong number, hon!!! Great doubling time, too.

Do you go in for another beta, or are you waiting until the u/s next week before you know anything else?

Gosh, I am so excited for you... I don't think I can wait until next week to hear what's going on in there!!!

spark said...

Thank you! Next beta is on Friday (18dp3dt)!

lola said...

Hey GREAT number on beta#2!! Nice and strong. I'm still waiting for beta #1 so I'm jealous :)

Do you want a laugh - I told JMA after our ET that I wanted to send out Christmas cards with a photo of our two blasts and see what people said. HA. Great minds think alike. :)

Christina said...

your numbers are looking GREAT!! you're PG, dude. YEA!!!

if you have endo are you more likely to have a tubal pg'y?? i'm curious bc i have endo, as you know, too.

i am so, so, so happy for you this holiday season. so so sweet.

Tulips said...

I almost screamed (laughing) when I saw the little embies in their Santa hats!!! OMG!!!

gabby said...

Yeah for a great beta. And your embie pic is too cute!

Mr Blue Sky said...

Love the christmas card picture K.

teamwinks said...

I'm all for the Christmas card idea! How funny!