Wednesday, October 04, 2006

next steps?

I went to the RE's office this morning to get my blood drawn for my follow up NK testing. I talked to the nurse a bit about our cycles and now I'm a bit confused about next steps. We still do have 3 embies in the freezer and it would be fairly "easy" to do another FET...and it might take some time to get started up in NYC anyway...

option 1
push to cycle in NYC ASAP
pro: sooner we get started the sooner we'll be cycling with TopNYCDoc; good chance we could get another fresh cycle in 2006; this feels like our best chance for BFP
con: might have to wait for additional testing/procedures before we get started anyway; "wasting" our frozen embies

option 2
do another natural FET down here (with 5dt, steroids, Intralipid), but also plan out NYC cycle immediately after FET (might push it out a month)
pro: changing some factors; will use up all embies; if it works it'll be cheaper/easier than all out fresh cycle in NYC; could potentially have another transfer before the end of October
con: very low expectations for these embies - they were good enough to freeze, but were slightly lower quality than those already transferred. wasting a little bit of time/money? Might push out NYC cycle by a month - pushing into 2007?

Guess we'll decide over the weekend after we've had the consults (current RE is tomorrow, NYC RE is on Friday). Any thoughts? Other options?


serenity said...

I feel very strongly that, for us at least, we use up our embies before embarking on another fresh cycle. I just felt like they needed a chance before I moved on to other embryos.

(ok, yean. so I'm totally attached to my embryos.) :)

It's just my opinion, but I'd do another 'easy' frozen cycle first - at the very least you'll know that you've been through all your available options.

But that's just my opinion. Feel free to take it with a grain of salt. :)

spark said...

Yeah - I feel like I'm abandoning them or something...

-M said...

I'm in the opposite camp. My theory was always that your eggs will never be this young again, so save them and do fresh cycles.

The NY clinic is getting ready to shut down now, so you might have to wait a month or so anyways, so it could be put to good use with your frosties.