Monday, October 09, 2006

some good news

Looks like DH's new company does have IF coverage (yay!), but we still need to see if the timing works out for the lap & IVF -- since they both need precertification and it's scheduled for 11/2 and I most likely won't be covered until 11/1 -- at the earliest. Also it would be out-of-network with my new RE though since they don't really accept insurance for IF procedures (lap theoretically would be covered)...


theoneliner said...

man, i would love it if k's company covered IF.
I hope the timing works out for coverage...that'd be great.
Hey, are they hiring and do they need a fiesty lawyer? hmm?hmm?

serenity said...

Awesome to hear about your new plan and will be crossing fingers that the timing will work out for the insurance coverage. J and I wouldn't have been able to do nearly as much as we have if it weren't for insurance... is it weird to be profoundly grateful for the coverage? :)

Anyway - thanks also for the support and good thoughts. I am not nearly as positive as I was, but I am sure I'll get there again. :)