Wednesday, October 18, 2006

CD14 - yuck

these little pink lines on the OPKs are killing me -- they've been getting darker & darker today and as of tonight are *almost* as dark as the control line...meaning that I will probably surge soon. a little too soon to get into this upcoming cycle schedule with the new RE (their lab is shut down right now)...probably pushing us out to January for IVF#3. we did our first IVF last January and I really didn't enjoy that time of year - bad cold, bad weather, bad embryos, yuck. :(

and it seems like my least favorite aunt is flying into town this coming weekend and kicking us out of our "reserved" bedroom at my grandmother's house. and my dad said my grandmother is getting more & more weak. yuck.

yuck. yuck. yuck.


update/question for OPK pros:

will the test line definitely be darker than the control line when you surge? the last three tests over the past 18hrs have been really dark...did I surge?


serenity said...

Boo for the timing - that sucks. January is a tough month for IVF, I hear you.

As for your question on the OPKs - I have NO idea. I never once got a definitive positive on those.


Flmgodog said...

The timing really does suck for you!!
I use those kind of OPK's and it looks like what I would consider a surge. That's as dark if not darker than what I have ever seen.