Sunday, October 08, 2006

we've got a plan!

First, I am so sad for Serenity, but still so impressed with her positive attitude and amazing inner strength.

And I'm really pulling for -M this cycle - more now than ever before. I hope you get wonderful news next week.


I am so glad that we are cycling with NYCDoc!! Out of everything I was most impressed with his attitude - he was open to hearing my thoughts & answering my questions - and very down to earth. I immediately felt comfortable with him. Yay!

After a lot of discussion about the various options, we are planning to do a lap with him in early November - and if my body behaves & the timing works out with my current cycle (I'm CD3 today) then we might be able to do the co-culture at the same time. Assuming we get both of those done then we're going to jump right into an IVF cycle! If I ovulate too early & the procedures get pushed out to later in November then we'll have to look at the calendars again (holidays, etc.).

He actually brought up the lap, not me, and thought there were enough indicators for endo (incl. the NKs which I didn't know) to go ahead with it. Also he said that one of my tubes looks a little enlarged (first time I've heard that) so it'll be good to check that out. And he said he won't use Lupron in my protocol because I don't suppress well on it -- we'll use Ganirelix instead (along with Follistim & Menopur again). And he definitely isn't into IVIg, but fish oils are fine.

He also took a look at my antral follicle count and said everything looked good. So given that & my age & by retrieving the eggs before they are "overripe" & by adding in the co-culture that we have a very good chance of success. Yay!

So I need to cancel the FET now...and save those frosties for another day...

current plan:
10/14 - start checking for LH surge
10/21 - ideal surge date
10/23 - call if no surge
10/31 - pre-op appt
11/1 - co-culture bloodwork
11/2 - lap + co-culture biopsy
11/3 - bonus NYC recovery day

Oh - and I had a great trip in general. I ran into an old co-worker at Union Station and we caught up on the way up. And then I ran into an old roommate (!) on the train back down - the train was full and I was asking her if her seat was taken when we realized that we knew each other. Suuuuuuuuuuch a small world!!!! Anyway it was nice to remember the good 'ole days with both of them and feel reconnected with old friends. And plus I always love taking the train.

I did miss my train back though (#6 had issues because of a police investigations) so I was stuck in Penn Station for an extra couple of hours. For some reason I always get stuck there -- it's like a blackhole...

Now I'm hoping that I don't surge too that we'll head up to NYC on Halloween for pre-op appt! Please behave body!! PLEASE!!!

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