Tuesday, October 10, 2006

how many more days before I ovulate?

Wow - it is is painful to think of how many days I need to wait to ovulate - 7-10 days? I do hope it's later than sooner so that the dates work out with the lap & co-culture biopsy...but it's a true test for the impatient. Especially one without a lot to do right now.

So in the mean time I guess I'll keep busy by:
1) Figuring out the insurance situation -- so far it looks like we'd be effective this coming Monday and we'll get the insurance cards before we head up to NYC for the lap -- yay! And even though it'll probably be considered out-of-network, we still get such better coverage from this new insurance -- double yay!

2) Taking a few defensive driving classes. I got - um - another really bad driving ticket recently and need to take some classes to bring up my points. Actually the lawyer said it would be a good idea. In my defense my driving wasn't that bad -- it was the smart a$$ comments made later to the cop that was the true mistake. Oooops. I'm trying to see if I can use "insane by IF" as an excuse... ;)

3) Playing with the puppies. We are dog sitting right now and have *finally* have figured out a good routine to keep them tired - and us happy. :)


serenity said...

the waiting is by far the worst part about IF. It truly truly sucks.


Hope it goes by quick for you...

MrGali said...

Oh no! Another ticket!? What happened with the last one?

Hang in there... patience is a virtue or some other crap like that. ;)

Southern Comfortable said...

Oh, c'mon. You can't tease us with a reference to smart-ass comments to the cop and then not fill us in on the details!

Piccinigirl said...

oh the waiting, sending some O dust to you.

I have been know to smart a*s off to a cop, and it never went my way...basta*ds!! hahh

the doggies are too cute. :)