Thursday, July 13, 2006

phone consult re: NKC

Dr. C said that everything looked OK except for "moderately" increased NK count and activity. She did recommend some treatment options for us to improve our chances of implantation -- for IVIg she said it would theoretically bring up our changes to 50% (really?!). The other option was participating in an Intralipid research study with her in Chicago.

She walked us through their advantages/disadvantages:
> IVIg is more expensive (~$2500+nurse) and has potential risks because it's a blood product. But it is medically proven.
> Intralipid is still just in a research study and isn't proven yet (but based on my test results I did suppress better with Intralipid than IVIg); it is cheaper (~$500) and isn't a blood product; and I'd have to go to Chicago at least twice for that - so when you add up additional travel costs & vacation days I wonder if it might become almost as costly as IVIg?

They each would require an IV infusion before ET and after BFP (with additional followup testing to see if more is required).

So I'm going to research our options (I think I've read that some other doctors treat with steriods?, acupuncture/fish oils, etc.) more so Nick and I can discuss more tonight...

I'm leaning towards just doing acupuncuture/fish oils for this first FET and then more aggressive with either IVIg or Intralipid for the next (assuming that we end up with enough frosties for 2 attempts).

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serenity said...

Your doctor sounds fantastic, sparky - that she is ready to treat you for those counts - awesome good news.

And I think it's a realistic plan to try the acupuncture and natural methods before you try any more medication.

Still, you have options - and that is SO exciting to me. YAY!!!!