Thursday, October 05, 2006


I'm also wondering if I should push for a lap now? I have a family history of endo, but haven't really had symptoms myself (only have mild-moderate cramps). It might be worth having the peace of mine knowing what is really going on inside there. After hearing about SoCo's recent experience, I'm tempted to push for this now.

So many questions and so many decisions. Like my friend -M always says, decisions are the hardest part of IF.

Sending her lots & lots of luck for her test on Monday. And same for Serenity tomorrow!! I hope you both see that beautiful second line!!

Side note - This time around it took 6 days to get my period after stopping PIO/suppositories -- which is odd because my P4 and E2 were so low for this cycle. Maybe it took longer because there wasn't such a sudden drop?


Southern Comfortable said...

I really, really think the lap wasn't that bad physically. The bigger issue may be the cost, if it's not covered by insurance. Is there some way to get it covered, do you think?

Feel free to give me a call to hear more of the gory details, if you'd like.

-M said...

Thanks so much for the kind thoughts! I am waiting on pins and needles to see how your appointment went today.