Tuesday, August 29, 2006

strong ovaries

Well my regular RE is back from Scotland and looking very happy & relaxed. He was also extra chatty (which I love because then I get more details!).

My follicles are still growing (up to 15mm), but I'm guessing that my E2 has dropped since I did get my period yesterday. He says my body responded strangely to Lupron and that I have very strong ovaries. Which is a good thing in general -- just makes getting this FET started a little complicated. And I reminded him that the same thing happened in my last fresh cycle as well (in that case we had to trigger off a dominant follicle before starting stims).

He also asked me if I was positive I knew how to do the Lupron. Uh...pretty sure. Should I bring in the nearly empty vial and my sharps container as evidence? :)

Sooooo....he's going to wait for the bloodwork and then decide what to do.

I'm afraid he's going to make me wait to calm everything down. Which sounds like the rational thing to do but it just kills me to put it all off (after everything I went through to get started in Seattle and everything that happened with work).

And he really isn't into natural FETs because it's more of a crap shoot - if I surged too soon then it's all over. And who knows what is going on with my body right now...

Which I don't *hate* anymore but I'm definitely still mad at it...

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Southern Comfortable said...

I guess strong ovaries are good, right? :-)

I hope he doesn't make you wait too long.