Sunday, August 13, 2006

getting ready...

Looking back I guess we've really been preparing for this cycle for a long time now...but I think it's finally hitting me that WE'RE CYCLING! (guess the big deduction from our checking account and the daily Lupron shots weren't enough of a clue)

So I'm starting to refine our game plan.

My latest FET prep list:
- Recheck my TSH (will hear results on Monday; will check again on 8/30)
- Recheck my NK count & activity (blood test w/Millenova; will RE draw blood for me again after I've been a PITA about this?)
- Up my Omega-3s to 4mg/day (to treat NKs)
- Start some additional supplements (Selenium, CoQ); I've already been taking Prenatals + baby aspirin + ginger + chinese herbs
- Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet to help with NKs (avoid beef, dairy, trans/satuated fats, yogurt, refined carbs); so I think that leaves chicken, salmon, berries, walnuts, olives, most veggies, herbal teas, water
- Take bromelain (1000mg) for 5 days after ET

I just looked through the protocol sheet again and it looks like the plan is something like this:
8/21: drop down to 5u Lupron (daily until 8/31) & start 2mg EV (Estrodial Valerate) IM
8/24: increase to 4mg EV IM
8/28: increase to 5mg EV IM (and continue this Mondays & Thursdays until beta)
9/1: start antibiotics
9/3: start progesterone suppositories (100mg)
9/4: start PIO (1cc)
9/6: transfer
9/20: beta


Work is really out of control. I'm actually procrastinating doing some work right now (on a Sunday) by updating my blog. Fortunately it should be dying down right around the time I start my EV injections...

I think I need to update my links on the right before actually starting some work. :)


Also just to recap our IVF journey so far:

IVF#1 (Jan 2006)
Microdose Lupron "flare" protocol
started at 250IUs of Follistim & ramped up to 450IUs
stimmed for 11 days
~14 follicles observed
14 eggs retrieved
10 mature
7 fertilized (half ICSI)
3 survived until Day 3
3 transferred (1 8-cell and 2 6-cell)
0 frozen

IVF#2 (April 2006)
Long luteal protocol
added Menopur (75IU); started at 250IUs of Follistim & ramped up to 300IU
stimmed for only 6 days + 1 coasting day
~14 follicles observed
12 eggs retrieved
12 mature
12 fertilized
10 survived until Day 3
3 transferred (1 12-cell and 2 8-cell)
7 frozen (all 8-cell)


just to keep my notes all in one place -- here are the Chinese herbs that I've been taking for a few weeks now (10g/day)...
Lin Wei Huang Wan (4g)
Tu Ci Si (1.5g)
Du Zhong (1.5g)
Suan Cao Ren (1g)
Dang Gui (1g)
Bai Shao (1g)

I'm going to continue with acupuncture 1x/week and have already scheduled a session immediately before/after my ET (she's only a couple miles from the RE's office).


Also in preparation for any future fresh cycles, Nick is going to start taking Proceptin (bunch of antioxidants) to bring down his % sperm DNA fragmentation to a more "fertile" level. He's at 28% now (over 30% is considered abnormal; below 15% is best for fertility). It takes a few months to make an impact so he's starting now just in case...


Motel Manager said...

I am totally copying your to-dos for my own FET...major diet modifications are now underway. Thanks for the list and good luck on this one!

Southern Comfortable said...

I'm keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed for you this cycle. Thanks for all of this information-- I know it will be useful for a lot of girls. I can't wait to hear how everything goes!

serenity said...

Sounds like you are doing ALL THE RIGHT THINGS to make this happen - and that's the best you can do.

I am hoping that Nick won't have to be taking those antioxidants for very long!! :)

*everything crossed for you!*

The Town Criers said...

Good luck with this cycle! It sounds like you at least have every base covered to give you the highest possible chance. Crossing my fingers for you.