Friday, August 04, 2006

My heart aches for Serenity. Her mantra from a couple days ago ("I will be a mom someday") is still ringing in my mind. I know she will find her way there.


And I'm in & out of denial that we are cycling again. I'm so f'in scared to think that we're going through this again. Especially with a FET - do they really work?!?! So when I'm accepting that we're "in the game" I'm worried about our protocol (still need to convince RE to give me a script for Dexamethasone for my elevated NK cells) and then when I'm in total denial I'm forgetting to do my Lupron shot and drinking way too much coffee.

On brighter news (not) we of course still have no contract on our TH and just realized that the buyer's agent is an idiot. Um, yes, there is a garage - you're saying that you're about to put down a contract and you didn't know that? ok....have you seen the place?

Given the large amount of people in our area experiencing IF (something in the water - no seriously, is there something in the water?) -- my DH and I have thought of a new approach to selling our TH. Instead of offering a new car or free trip to Hawaii, we're going to try a different type of incentive to target a different group of buyers...

(ack! no good graphical editor on this computer - sorry for the sloppy image!)


Amy said...

LOL, I love it!!!

Meg said...

Hmm... what a great idea... they'll be breaking the door down!

Motel Manager said...

Love the incentives for the TH sale. It might be a small demographic, but one that is very, very desperate.

I also have the same feeling about FETs. Can they work? I intellectually know they do, but it's so different from a regular cycle, which I feel rather expert at these days.