Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm alive!!

After a grueling 2 weeks of work, including a 36-hour straight stretch over the weekend, my big project at work is now wrapping up. And I survived. Phew... Now I can get back to worrying about my FET and all of that fun stuff. :)

My TSH looked perfect (1.1) but I will go back in on 8/30 just to make sure that it hasn't spiked up.

Apparently my ovaries are really really REALLY happy on Lupron -- according to my RE I'm growing follicles almost like I'm on stims. The RE is going to decide what to do once we get the b/w back this afternoon (cancel? I'll have to ask if we can convert to IUI)...he was really nice & funny about it this AM and made me laugh about it. :)

So I'm wondering why don't I suppress well? This happened with my last fresh cycle too... Could this be a symptom of PCOS (which I don't think I have since my LH/FSH ratio has always been fine - just curious)? Should we try different suppression meds (Gara-something???)? Am I doing the Lupron shot correctly? I'd hope that after giving it to myself *at least* 50 times this year I'd know that by now...

Anyway I'm kinda OK with whatever happens with this cycle. I'm still just so very happy that my work project is done and we sold the townhouse. Getting rid of two out of three headaches ain't bad. :)

Off to catch up on blogs & message boards!

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Southern Comfortable said...

Welcome back! I know it is such a relief to have a huge project over at work, especially with everything else that's been going on with you.

Congrats on selling the house! Home sales in Alexandria have been pitiful lately, which really upsets us. Hopefully, things will improve before we have to sell (which thankfully is not anytime soon).