Tuesday, July 18, 2006

when to FET?

I've been trying to get in touch with the IVF coordinator to schedule my FET and she hasn't called me back yet. I did just unexpectedly get my period today (the cramps are ouchie!!)...going directly from my personal longest cycle (40 days) to my personal shortest cycle (25 days). I thought I had at least another week to get this scheduled. Anyway, I hope that doesn't push everything back even further. :(

I'm talking to the acupuncturist tonight about starting herbs for the FET cycle. She works with an herbalist who creates everything. And my RE still hasn't responded to me about my last request for steroids for the FET...so I'm guessing he's just not going to do it.

AND I'm also debating about just going ahead and doing the Intralipid -- assuming I can do it as a one day trip to Chicago for the first infusion...

Non-IF news...we finally booked the rest of our Seattle trip! I'm so excited about it!! I'm most excited about the seaplane up to Victoria!

Anyway, I might be slow with the updates because work is still a bit rough (our release date got pushed out 5 weeks - argh!).

But I am still enjoying reading everyone else's blogs!

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