Tuesday, July 11, 2006

possible immunity issues

Work is out of control - I've had more emergency meetings with VPs this week than I can count... :(

I'm also on a research binge about immunity issues since I finally got my results back from Millenova (except for Nick's results) and have a consult with Dr. C on Thursday. Oh yeah - I realized that I forgot to send her all of my medical records last week - Ooooops!

Anyway, my NK Cells were a little high but maybe not high enough to treat with IVIg:

Natural NK Cytolytic Activity = 12.6% killing (<10% normal)

And I had some other high/borderline results:
RIP: CD16+/CD56+ = 12.8 (0-11 normal)
APA: IgG PA was borderline = .166 (.139-.175 normal)

Everything else seemed fine -- including ATAs (surprising!).

Hopefully on Thursday I'll know more about what all of that means then and our options...but I've heard she is only really into IVIg and not prednisone at all.

I'm hoping she'll just recommend that I continue acupuncture, fish oils, and take Medrol...or something easy like that.

And my RE is supposed to call me back tomorrow when he's back in the office (we've been playing phone tag) about the endo biopsy -- which he's already left me a voicemail saying that I really don't need it...OK...but will it hurt?? Same with the Medrol... I'm not really looking at being scientific and methodical about all of this. Just want to get PG already!

Anyway, I'll try to update as work allows...

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