Wednesday, July 19, 2006

back in the game

I went back to my RE's office for the first time in a loooong time this morning -- it was so weird! I love that the receptionist remembered my name immediately. Or maybe that's a bad thing. ;)

I've thought about it more and I really want to relax during this process as much as possible -- so I'm pushing it all back a week (one more week on BCP). Part of me thinks that my TSH gets all whacked out when I'm stressed so that extra week will be good. And then if all goes as planned I'd have my beta just a couple days before my birthday in September. Yikes!

So assuming my bloodwork from this AM was OK, I'm starting BCPs today (and going until 8/16).

Then start Lupron (10u) on 8/9.

Then 2 weeks later (when I get my period) I lower Lupron (5u) and start Estradiol (via IM injections every 3 days) .

And then FET on 9/6 and start PIO/prog suppositories.

No steroids or Intralipid for this cycle. (I'm on the fence about this now)

Acupuncture 2x per week + herbs.

YIKES! I'm scared/nervous/exciting about starting all of this again!


-M said...

Good luck, I hope this is it for you!!! I think it's smart to push back the cycle a bit, to get more in the right frame of mind could make all the difference in the world.

MrGali said...

So exciting!