Friday, January 26, 2007

life back to normal (?)

Where to begin. I've been a bad blogger and haven't posted any recent updates. Here was my update that I was going to post last week:

Life is back to normal.

The bleeding/cramping tapered off earlier this week and now I'm barely spotting. So I'm hoping that the SCH has healed. We will get another peek at it on Monday when we go back to the same radiology center for our nuchal translucency scan. I feel much more comfortable seeing them for this scan than the MFM doctor who seemed all doped up. I don't need any measurements to be off for this one.

The doppler (from Dynamic Dopplers) has been a HUGE confidence booster. I listen for Fish almost every morning and it's always such a relief to know that he's still there. I might even donate the rest of my meds to a friend in the next week or two - how's that for confidence.

Aside from having to squeeze my bloated self into work clothes (ugh) I've been feeling pretty good. And is it really possible that my home scale is 15 lbs off from the doctor's scale? Yikes! Better calibrate that again. But I'm eating a lot less now so hopefully I won't pack on too many pounds too soon.

At first I thought that Fish was a boy. We did ICSI...I had low major morning sickness. And for whatever reason I always thought we would have a boy. But then Fish's heartrate has been fairly high (170s) so now I'm wondering if Fish is really a girl.

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