Thursday, January 11, 2007

when to tell

DH and I have been debating on when to tell various people about Fish.

When we had our first BFP there were a slew of people on IF message boards and blogland who knew immediately. Along with a few close people in real life who knew we were cycling.

And then after hearing the heartbeat last week we started to spill the beans to immdiate family and some other people who knew that we were going through IVF but didn't know specifics. I still haven't told my parents yet because I'm not really sure how to bring it up on the phone. "Maggie is going to be a big sister" - will they just think that we're adopting another dog? Need to work on that one. I did just tell another groups of friends today - it was very touching.

I'm assuming that we will want to tell more people after our nuchal translucency test in early Feb (~12w). We should also hear the heartbeat via doppler at that point. So I think after that we'll start breaking the news to the rest of our families and friends. And might even talk to my boss about it.

So I guess that's our plan to tell people. I'm sure there are a million ways that people handle that.

The OB visit on Monday (8w3d) was completely uneventful - just a brief consult and a PAP smear. The worst part was the scale - which is soooo far off from our home scale - it's scary. Maybe we need a new scale. I knew there wouldn't be an u/s because they only do those on Wednesdays (LOL!). But we did get signed up for the NT scan in about a month.

I am still feeling a mix of nausea and intense hunger - along with exhaustion and bathroom extremes. But I can only handle a small-medium amount of food at a time - I had a larger lunch today and now I can't move. So I end up eating a little bit of food - but it's ALL day long. Fish might have a new name - tapeworm. So I'm going to up my exercise a bit - more walking with Maggie & starting a prenatal yoga DVD. Hopefully that keeps me from ballooning up too much too soon.

One good thing is that work has been very busy ('tis the season for planning/budgeting) so I haven't had a lot of time to dwell on what ifs. And time has gone by much faster.

I'm hoping to stop PIOs soon - waiting for a call back on that one. Mostly because DH will be out of town soon - going to Vegas for a conference. Poor him. :) But I'm hoping that I won't need to ask someone else to do the shots while he's gone - that seems very complicated.

Anyway, it's been nice to re-enter the world again and feel like we're connecting with family and friends again.


Heather said...

How computer saavy are your folks? You could get webcams and tell them over that...

Or you could send them a pee stick in a jewelry box...

Or you could send them a copy of an ultrasound...

Bea said...

A million ways, yes. I guess you'll have to feel your way as you go.


lola said...

We have slowly been telling people as we see them in person. Trying not to tell anyone over the phone.

Every time I tell someone I make mental note of it just in case we have to go back and tell them things didn't work out. Isn't that awful that we should have to think that way??

I stop my PIO injections on 1/27. It can't get here fast enough!!

TeamWinks said...

I say frame the ultrasound picture! Of course the frame shoudl say something about them being grandparents! Very excited for you Spark!

the waiting line said...

Yep, that first OB visit is a bore. I think infertiles should get a "free pass" for ultrasounds any time. :-)

Mr Blue Sky said...

Hey Spark
I gotta say I admire your stance on telling people. I think that everyone in Britain and Ireland knew we were were going through our second cycle so we told them all after 4 weeks which in hindsight was a little foolish. Fortunatly for us though, so far so good.
Take care and enjoy telling people.

The Town Criers said...

I found it very hard to tell people. I don't know why. I was 6 months along, obviously showing, and still not saying anything. I just couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth. Hang in there--I hope the test goes well.

Michelle said...

Tell when you are comfortable doing so. Not sure there is a right or wrong time.

I tagged you for a meme. :)